I Called Game: Tom Friend on 40 years of waiting, eyeing Kawhi

Ben Standig and award-winning writer Tom Friend talked Wizards and Bullets ahead of John Wall’s return. Is the move going all in for Kawhi Leonard this summer if the Spurs are ready to deal? What did the weekend-long ceremony honoring Phil Chenier and the 1978 title time reveal about the fan base and D.C. as a basketball town? Plus Ben recaps the weekend in Wizards including getting run over by the Bulls. Make sure to follow our new Twitter account @tscwizards. Also subscribe on ITunes and Stitcher.

1 thought on “I Called Game: Tom Friend on 40 years of waiting, eyeing Kawhi”

  1. “Otto Porter is not a Big 3 guy . . .”

    Sounds like Tom Friend’s thinking is still stuck in the Capital Centre days. Here’s some more enlightened thinking: https://www.actionnetwork.com/nba/article/how-otto-porter-opens-up-all-sorts-of-possibilities-for-the-wizards

    Or he could just look at every advanced stat, or simply the fact that Otto has the highest Net Rating on the team by a country mile.

    Then he doubled down on the stupid by saying that the Wiz should’ve traded for yet another overpaid 30-year-old traditional big who doesn’t protect the rim, shoot, or play in crunch time. Wait, is Tom Friend actually Ernie Grunfeld’s burner?

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