I Called Game: Michael Wilbon talks Wizards with The Sports Capitol

Ben Standig and ESPN’s Michael Wilbon get into all things Wizards, including whether they can reach their potential, team chemistry concerns and the belief that this group can indeed win another playoff series. Plus, some other NBA thoughts including LeBron James’ legacy. Ben also sets up the Wizards-Raptors series and shares what he’s learned on the Ty Lawson signing.

2 thoughts on “I Called Game: Michael Wilbon talks Wizards with The Sports Capitol”

  1. Ben – great interview with Wilbon.

    More importantly, before Saturday, you need ask Wall if he knows that he’s only 15 assists — FIFTEEN — short of being the only player in NBA history to average 20 & 10 in the playoffs.

    Wall & CP3 are the only players to average 20 & 9, but while CP3 has little hope of raising his average from 9.4 given how many games he’s played, Wall can absolutely raise his average from 9.5 given that he’s only played 31 games (he has 295 total in those 31 games).

    Even if Wall just matches his assist production from 2015 when he averaged 12 per game for 7 games, that plus one additional assist in one of those games would put him over the top.


  2. Appreciate the comment. Also, great stat. Had not realized. Twenty-four assists through two games isn’t bad. Won’t get him to 10, but… There are also bigger issues at the moment.

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