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TSC Newsletter: Uh, can the Redskins get a do-over?

BY TODD DYBAS | SEPT. 17, 2018

Times like these make sportswriters want to write a two-sentence story: They were bad. The end.

Really, that covers Sunday’s debacle at FedEx Field, a lips-pursing, head-shaking, 21-9 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. If this was indeed a trap game, the Redskins jumped in with both feet to trip the snare.

They couldn’t run the ball. They couldn’t throw it deep. Dustin Hopkins missed a field goal. The red zone was a mere suggestion for points, not one followed through on with any touchdowns. Mason Foster was asked if he could take away any positives from a bad performance in front of a booing, half-filled stadium.

“No positives,” Foster said. “A loss is a loss. I hate losing. I hate talking to you about losing…Makes me feel like I’m going to throw up.”

He didn’t even have a pressbox hot dog. 

What the DMV has is a 1-1 football team following Sunday’s defeat. The Redskins were severely out-schemed, outworked and just straight outplayed all day.

We did not fulfill our dream (dream a little dream with me….) of two overarching sentences to complete our coverage. Instead, we have a bunch of material:

Ben wrote about the offense’s stifled day. At one point, Adrian Peterson had five carries for -2 yards. He finished with 11 carries for 20 yards. It’s fair to wonder if the Redskins’ ongoing running problems aren’t simply related to health. And, why did they look so lackluster from an effort standpoint Sunday?

Brian examined problems in the secondary. D.J. Swearinger delivered two picks. But, the Colts’ use of pick plays — legal as long as they are not called — rubbed the Redskins wrong throughout the day. Indianapolis repeatedly sprung receivers thanks to the approach.

Ben took notice of the half-empty stands. So did Trent Williams. Asked if the swaths of empty seats caught his eye, Williams said, “For sure.” The Redskins are trying to be more honest about attendance (looking at you, “sellout streak”) and the FedEx Field experience. That’s good. Sunday’s turnout, perhaps influenced by Hurricane Florence projections, was bad.

Intern Daniel worked his first NFL regular-season game. He looked at the offensive line. The Redskins were out-schemed in three places: defensively on those pick plays, offensively when dealing with defensive stunts and again offensively when trying to decipher the Colts’ high and soft zone coverage.

Finally, the latest edition of the Breaking Burgundy podcast has Ben and Brian talking it all over. Listen here.

Is that it? Of course not. We were grinding while you snoozed away an overcast weekend.

Saturday, we popped over to the new St. Elizabeths Entertainment and Sports Arena in Ward 8. The Capital City Go-Go held open tryouts there. Todd did not jump in to do a Billy Hoyle impression. Many local hoopers did. Ben has more on the dreams associated with the day. The players had them. So did the Wizards organization thanks to its new building.

The Capitals are back on the ice since we last talked. Summer was short for them. As they return to camp, only a few spots are open. Chandler Stephenson could claim one. Intern Sammi has more on how Stephenson’s situation has evolved from the start of last season to now.

Oh, by the way, the Nationals won again. Where was this a month ago? Tanner Roark summoned Good Tanner for a solid outing. Bryce Harper hit his 34th homer. Anthony Rendon homered, too, in a 6-4 win in Atlanta. The Nationals took the series down south. Stephen Strasburg is on the mound Monday in Miami. Washington is 76-74. To answer your question, Mr. Christmas, no, we’re not saying there is a chance.

D.C. United popped a 3-3 draw Sunday night against the New York Red Bulls. Wayne Rooney scored in the 64th minute. However, New York found a goal in the 90th minute to stake its part of the tie. United is four points out of a playoff spot.

OK. Phew. Lot of ground covered there.

Monday, we’re back with the Redskins. The Nationals start an odd-ball two game series in Miami. At least there is a roof down there. We’ll have more from the Capitals. Wizards training camp is around the corner and some guy named Aaron Rodgers is coming to town next weekend. Busy week. Aren’t they all?

Thanks for listening, reading and being members.

Ben, Brian and Todd

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